A Crowning Secret

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A Crowning Secret.png A Crowning Secret
Discover something priceless - and keep it secret
Keep the Crown to yourself.

When you discover that Renba left Maersi and traveled into the Cyclones, you will be able to travel to a moon there. As you arrive, you'll locate a house. Vault over the wall and head inside and down the stairs. To your left, you'll see a fireplace. Pick up the iron poker and stow it.

On the floor, to the right of the door, you'll see a wooden coffer which has been sealed shut. DO NOT attempt to open it with the iron poker, instead ask Six to try. He will be unable to open it. You will then be given the option to tell him to return to the ship and get a crowbar. Once he has gone, you will be able to use the iron poker.[1]

Glyphs translate as Secret.