A Reunion

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A Reunion.png A Reunion
A friend has found a place to hide.
Track down Oroi.

When you go to the Cyclones in search of Renba, you'll discover a house. Vault over the wall, enter the house and go down the stairs. On your left, you'll see a fireplace with an iron poker. You'll need to pick this up and stow it.

At this point, if you haven't already earned A Crowning Secret, it is recommended that you make a back-up save and do that first.

Reload your save and make sure you open the coffer with the iron poker and Six sees you find the crown. He will ask you to take it to Myari. Instead of going to Iox, you will need to immediately travel to Elboreth and give the crown to Oroi to investigate. Six will inform you that he will tell Myari what you've done. After that, return to Iox and Myari will ask you to bring the crown to her. Go back to Elboreth, Oroi will tell you that the crown is a device and you should encourage her to activate it. Leave Elboreth and return to Iox again. Myari will be annoyed that you still haven't given her the crown. Return to Elboreth and you'll find Oroi missing, her house ransacked and the crown stolen. You'll find Oroi in Tapi's shop. The trophy will pop when you are reunited.[1]

Glyphs translate as Find a friend.