A Voice from Stone

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A Voice from Stone.png A Voice from Stone
An ancient voice
Before you attempt this trophy, you must make sure that you have the Kibenya statue in your inventory. You obtain the statue on the same moon that you discover Janniqi Renba's ship, in the small shrine opposite the house. If you returned the statue to the village leader in Maersi already, then you will have the foil in your inventory. It would be wise to return the statue if you wish to earn The Wisdom of Swine.

When you have the option to travel to the Graveyard Moon, you will need to inspect every gravestone. There is one particular gravestone tucked away with a semi-circle device on top of it. You'll need to stow that away, even if Six tells you not to. As you look around, you'll find some stairs leading up to a small area way above the graveyard. There are two gravestones at the top. The one nearest the stairs is charged and, when Aliya touches it, she'll mention that it's hot. Place the statue/foil in the statue and then place the robotic semi-circle on top of the gravestone. A robot's face that looks like Six will appear and you can have a conversation with Kaiya before the power fails. The trophy will pop once you've finished this conversation.[1]

Glyphs translate as Voice.