Aliya Mazwai

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Aliya Mazwai
Gender: Unknown
Current Home: Iox, the Nightingale

"You know Mazwai was a sailor? And a scholar? Perhaps you'll write a book before the Fall comes again, Aliya." ~ Myari

Please see Aliya Elasra for more information on this character.

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Additional Info
The changing of the protagonist's name to Aliya Mazwai is an Easter egg that can occur after a player's second New Game + (third playthrough) and every third playthrough thereafter. Contrary to rumor, its appearance or nonappearance has no relationship to whether the player chose to vault at the end of the previous game.

When this name change occurs, all mentions of the explorer Mazwai appear as references to "Elasra." The artefact known as the Annals of Mazwai becomes the Annals of Elasra.


Aliya Elasra • Six

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