Breaking In

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Breaking In.png Breaking In
A spot of burglary
To obtain this trophy, you will first need to travel to the moon in the Cyclones and discover Janniqi Renba's ship destroyed. You will then need to travel back to Iox and inform Myari that Renba is deceased. After you've left and done some more exploring, you will be contacted by Myari when you return to your ship. She will inform you that they're having a funeral for Renba and she would like you to attend.

For this trophy, go immediately to Iox and you'll be met by Huang. This time, tell Huang that you do not wish to attend the funeral. He will eventually leave you to your own devices. While Myari is conducting the service, you can sneak past her by going down the left staircase and go up to her office. The trophy will pop when you successfully break in and obtain important information from her desk.[1]

Glyphs translate as Thief.