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Complete the Game.png Complete the Game
All things must come to an end...
Vaulted.png Vaulted
Leave Everything Behind
Restored the Nebula.png Restored the Nebula
Leave the Past Behind
Face to Face.png Face to Face
An ancient Empress lies buried...
A Change of Heart.png A Change of Heart
Things will never be the same again...
A Reunion.png A Reunion
A friend has found a place to hide.
The Funeral.png The Funeral
Pay your last respects
Breaking In.png Breaking In
A spot of burglary
Meet Six.png Meet Six
Another robot to add to the collection...
Enrollment.png Enrollment
Bring a new student to the University
People: Huang.png People: Huang
Meet a friendly scholar
People: Oroi.png People: Oroi
Meet a mechanicist
People: Timor.png People: Timor
Meet a bartender
People: Tapi.png People: Tapi
Meet a thief
People: Yazi.png People: Yazi
Meet an injured labourer
People: Sya.png People: Sya
Meet a survivor
Heaven's Vault?.png Heaven's Vault?
A name from the past...
Inside the Vault.png Inside the Vault
What is this place...?
Maersi.png Maersi
A moon of fresh air and pigs
Renaki.png Renaki
A moon of deals and spices
Elboreth.png Elboreth
Looking Deeper.png Looking Deeper
New game plus!
Bought a Gecko.png Bought a Gecko
A new friend!
Lost a Gecko.png Lost a Gecko
I lost my friend.
Translations: Starter.png Translations: Starter
Completed 1 Translation
Translations: Reader.png Translations: Reader
Completed 3 Translations
Translations: Decipherer.png Translations: Decipherer
Completed 5 Translations
Translations: Reader of the Lost Marks.png Translations: Reader of the Lost Marks
Completed 10 Translations
Translations: Tomb Reader.png Translations: Tomb Reader
Completed 20 Translations
Translations: Discoverer of the Past.png Translations: Discoverer of the Past
Completed 30 Translations
Language: Initiate.png Language: Initiate
Learn 1 Word
Language: Beginner.png Language: Beginner
Learn 3 Words
Language: Fast Learner.png Language: Fast Learner
Learn 5 Words
Language: Scholar.png Language: Scholar
Learn 10 Words
Language: Adept.png Language: Adept
Learn 20 Words
Language: Linguist.png Language: Linguist
Learn 30 Words
Language: Speaker of Ancient.png Language: Speaker of Ancient
Learn 50 Words
Pilgrim's Progress.png Pilgrim's Progress
Pilgrims are welcome
A Voice from Stone.png A Voice from Stone
An ancient voice
Sold a Friend.png Sold a Friend
It's only business...
A Crowning Secret.png A Crowning Secret
Discover something priceless — and keep it secret
The Gates of Iox.png The Gates of Iox
Seal the University

The Wisdom of Swine.png The Wisdom of Swine
The pigs have something to say after all...
The Old Sea.png The Old Sea
A legend from the Old Sea
Platinum.png Platinum
Complete all Achievements