Eagle-Shaped Brooch

Eagle-Shaped Brooch
Found On: Iox
Helps Find: Site B

This item appears aboard the Nightingale.

Ancient Script found on this item:

  1. ;r.pr.)pr
  2. "(r.h)"'r.p';r.pr.)pr
  3. ;r.pr.)prv:"g:)s'.r.2"le
  4. ;r.pr.)pr"xs;bdr.2
  5. ?u;r.pr.)pr"xsj)"lewt.vt.i'(.of)fhi
Additional Info
The brooch is given to Aliya by Myari, who had received it from its discoverer, Janniqi Renba, at the beginning of the game.

Inscription varies, but number 1 on the list is always the first inscription viewed by a new player and is used to introduce the translation mechanic. Its in-game translation is:

Holy Emperor

Remaining in-game translations:

Enjoy the blessings of the holy Emperor.


The holy Emperor commands your love.


The holy Emperor stands before you.


Where the holy Emperor stands is the heart and root of the whole Nebula.