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Gender: Unknown
Current Home: Dead. Recording hidden deep inside Six.
Born On: Unknown

"Time destroys everything. Well. Almost everything."

Enkei's origins are unknown. She first appeared in the Nebula's history when she led the overthrow of the Steel Empire 580 years before the events of the game. She was able to overcome the robots by using the Ancient control words, which she had apparently rediscovered. Enkei made herself Empress and relocated the government from Elboreth to Iox, where she ordered the building of a palace. She had the robots wiped, then buried on the moon where the Withering Palace would later be built.
The Crown of Iox was created for her at the Great Forge 575 years ago. She had herself deified 23 years later, setting a precedent for all her descendants; this is considered the founding of the Holy Ioxian Empire. She also wiped away nearly all traces of the ancient belief in the Pantheon of seven Gods, including ordering the destruction of images and statues of the Gods and banning their worship, which she describes as "seditious superstition."
A few years after that, she began to destroy all writings in the Ancient language in order to prevent anyone else from rediscovering the control words and taking control of the robots. While she did not completely succeed in those efforts, she did destroy most pre-Empire books and somehow purged the knowledge that Ancient even had a spoken form. (She was apparently unaware that Elborethians continued to speak a Patois that was directly derived from Ancient.)
Enkei was desperately afraid of death and determined to put herself into a robot body. She sent her followers to search for a hopper eye. They found one on the Ancient Aquifer the same year the crown was forged and brought it to the moon where Enkei now ordered the construction of the Withering Palace.
It is implied that Enkei experimented on the sick and dying in order to be sure that her mental mesh could be properly transferred; a mural in the Withering Palace appears to depict the process. When she was near death, and having perfected the transfer process, her personality was taken from her dying body and put into the robot later to be known as Six.
At some point, the robots were sealed away in the cavern under the palace. Nothing more was heard of Enkei until 350 years ago, when the Fallers were sent by the Buried God from Sculptor's Moon to the Withering Palace, where they broke into the robot cavern. Presumably using control words to command the other robots, Enkei led the Fallers to Iox to destroy the Empire she had established. Because she knew the passwords to open the gates, the Fallers were able to bypass Iox’s defenses. They stormed the Emperor’s palace and murdered the royal family and all the other inhabitants of Iox, as well as destroying the Guards’ ships. Contemporary Ioxians are all descended from the Fallers.
To prevent anyone else from repeating what she had done, Enkei had all the robots involved in the Fall wiped and buried in the walls below the surface of Iox. However, she herself was betrayed and buried as well.
The robot body in which she’d been buried was uncovered by Janniqi Renba three years ago. Enkei was buried deep within the robot’s core. When Six was awakened, Renba noticed that something about its personality was unusual, presumably because Enkei was leaking through, and so he kept the robot. Somehow Enkei managed to convey to Renba the threat to the future of the Nebula, as well as the location of the dig site where the giant ship was buried. After his death, she began to try to influence Aliya in the same way.
If Aliya takes Oroi to the Withering Palace, Oroi can get the hopper to work and awaken Enkei. If Oroi turns off the hopper before Enkei leaves the beam, Six’s personality resumes control of the robot. He realizes that he always heard the Empress’s voice, but did not know who or what it was. Otherwise, Enkei will control the robot for the remainder of the game. Control words do not work on her, except when spoken by Myari, who remains her primary user.
If Aliya leaves the Heaven's Vault without either vaulting or turning off the central core, Enkei will announce that she plans to return to Iox and reestablish her empire.

Additional Info
Enkei despises Elboreth so much that she refuses to set her treads on its surface.


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