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Enrollment.png Enrollment
Bring a new student to the University
Convince Mina to come to Iox and be a student.

The following guide was written by Desmuria.

Once you are able to travel to Renaki, go there and enter the main courtyard with the fountain in the middle. As you enter, immediately turn left and you'll see a girl sat down reading. It is imperative that you speak to her first, not Amadu (her father). Before you speak to her, it is highly recommended that you exit the game and make a manual back-up save. You need to treat her like a child in your responses by making sure not to pressure her into sailing, as she believes the rivers strip away your soul.

You can now speak to her using the following dialogue:

Aliya: Not many on Elboreth can read. Do people here read?
Mina: Of course we read. But did you say Elboreth?
(Choose "I'm from Elboreth")
Aliya: I'm from Elboreth.
Mina: Oh. Elboreth isn't very nice, I'm told.
(Choose "I work mostly on Iox.")
Aliya: I work mostly on Iox.
Mina: Iox! Do they have a library? I've always wanted to visit a real library.
(Choose "Iox has three.")
Aliya: Iox has three. Thousands of books. Some are so old no one can read them.
Mina: You're teasing me.
(Choose "I'm quite serious.")
Aliya: I'm quite serious.
Mina: I'd love to see it. But - I couldn't ever sail. My soul is pure, and I'll keep it that way.
(Choose "How can you see the Nebula if you don't sail?")
Aliya: How can you see the Nebula if you don't sail?
Mina: Do you really think like that? You don't find you - lose anything - out there?
(Choose "I lose my way sometimes.")
Aliya: I lose my way sometimes. But not my soul, if that's what you mean.
Mina: The Priests of the Great Loop are very clear about it. The rivers strip your soul. It's what they're made of, after all.
(Choose "They're clear on that, are they?")
Aliya: They're clear on that, are they? And how do you think they get from moon to moon?
Mina: Excuse me. I don't get much time. My father will have me back at the accounts soon enough. His name is Amadu. He's a trader. That's his stall, on the roof over there. You could buy yourself another servo, perhaps.
(Choose "I'll speak to him.")
Aliya: I'll speak to him. Thank you.
Mina: Good faith to you.[1]

After this conversation has ended, leave the courtyard and Mina will run after you and present you with a key. Tell her that the key is beautiful and you'll accept it. She'll mention that it apparently unlocks a library. If she makes the remark "it's disgusting" during your conversation, then you will need to reload your save and try the conversation again. After you have obtained the key, go in search of the library which is located in an area below Renaki. Sail on the rivers and discover as many ruins as you can to minimize the area in which you have to search for it. Once you get there, you'll only have a limited time to explore.

Once you've done that, return to Renaki and speak to Mina. During this conversation with her, tell her that you found the library, give her a book and be honest and say it's now a ruin and burned down. When you're given the option to talk about Iox or saying "Good faith, Mina!" choose the latter. It is important never to pressure her into leaving. Exit the courtyard again and, if you got the conversation correct, Mina will run after you again and will ask you to take her to Iox. Once you arrive on Iox with her, you'll take her to Huang's library and the trophy will pop afterwards.[2]

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