Face to Face

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Face to Face.png Face to Face
An ancient Empress lies buried...
The following guide was written by Desmuria.

Before you begin this trophy, it is vital that Aliya has rekindled her friendship with Oroi. In order to do this, it is recommended that you follow the guide for Heaven's Vault? by giving her the crown to examine and going back to Elboreth at any given opportunity to show her new finds, especially the foil you obtain from the Kibenya statue (see A Voice from Stone).

If you have already triggered the events of A Reunion and Oroi is in Tapi's shop, it might not be possible to do this as your relationship with her will be tarnished as her home was ransacked.

When you are able, you can visit a place called The Withering Palace with Six. Once you arrive, you will need to explore thoroughly, especially in the courtyard with the six Gods/Goddesses. There is a hole in the floor in the centre of the circle where the statues are, so make sure you get Aliya to examine it and she'll throw a rock down there to see how deep it goes. She will make a comment that she's sure there's something underneath the ground. You will need to get Six to examine/scan the hole in the altar and the engineered hopper eye on the wall directly opposite it. Six will analyze the hopper eye and inform you that it was purposefully broken and made to work a certain way.

While Six is doing his analysis, you can explore under the palace and discover the robot prison underneath. To get there, facing the main courtyard door, take a left and follow the path towards the set of archways. Aliya will almost fall down a drop where the floor has been broken in order to create a makeshift ramp. If Six is still analyzing the hopper eye, then you will be able to jump down and explore. Make sure you walk around the entire place, translating and picking up any items as you go, inspect the circle of sunlight reflected on the wall which is from the hole in the ground she dropped the stone into earlier. You will be unable to go into the pit itself. Aliya will go down so far and then turn back because she can hear something moving.

After you've done this step and Six has given you a proper analysis of the hopper eye and the hole inside the altar, you have the opportunity to quiz him on his findings by using the prompts on the bottom of your screen. The more information you get out of him, the better. During your conversation, Aliya should mention about showing the findings to Oroi. After that, Six will ask whether you wish to leave. Before you do, make sure you've attempted to translate all the glyphs on the plinths of the statues and searched around thoroughly. Return to Elboreth and speak to Oroi, which will trigger a conversation about what you found. During this conversation, you are given the option to take her there.

You will then be able to travel back to The Withering Palace with Oroi who will do her own analysis on the hopper eye and the altar. This will trigger Six turning into the Empress Enkei. The trophy will pop when she first appears and takes over Six.[1]

Glyphs translate as Welcome the Empress.