Heaven's Vault?

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Heaven's Vault?.png Heaven's Vault?
A name from the past...
Hear or decipher the name "Heaven's Vault".

There are about eight different methods to earn this trophy.[1]

Once you have obtained the crown from the house near where Renba's ship crashed, you can take the crown to Oroi to examine. Leave Elboreth and come back later, speak to Oroi again. She will inform you that the crown is a device, so ask her to activate it. If Six didn't have a chance to inform Myari that the crown is on Elboreth, you can return to Oroi's home to inquire what she found. She will explain to you that she put the crown on her head and it spoke to her. If you quiz her on what it said, she'll mention Heaven's Vault. The trophy will pop after your conversation.[2]

Glyphs translate as Heaven's Vault.

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