A farming moon under the protection of the Iox Protectorate. Lush, green, and full of water due to the wellspring in the ground, which keeps the earth saturated. The plentiful water serves the rice farming on the moon. In addition to rice farming, Maersians also keep pigs. A giant statue of a goddess stands guard near the village. The landscape of the moon is dominated by tall mountains, between which there are hills with farmland. The village's infrastructure is largely rudimentary, with no proper paved roads. Drinking water is lifted from an old well, old enough for there to be Ancient script on its surface. Houses are built on stilts, even up on the hills where possible floods can't reach.

It's believed that Janniqi Renba went missing here.

Items & Inscriptions Found Here Additional Info
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There is one random item that can be found here, but it is not guaranteed. If Aliya thinks she finds something but then realizes it's nothing, then there is nothing to find here in your current playthrough.

It is possible to learn the name of the goddess here in multiple ways, depending on what items you find. If the item you find happens to be a figurine of the goddess, you can learn her name from a random villager while searching for Renba.


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