Maersian Leader

Maersian Leader
Current Home: Maersi
Born On: Maersi

”Our ancestors made boats and sailed the stars. It was priests from Iox who took those boats away and burned them. Now we have had all the children this moon has to offer us, and we have nothing left to do but grow more rice than we can eat."

The Leader is the only person on Maersi who will willingly talk to Aliya. He says that he has had some dealings with outsiders before and describes himself as "forward."
He repeatedly denies having seen Renba or any other outsider, but if pressed will confess that Renba visited and then left in a ship, and afterward there was an explosion in the sky. Then, if Aliya has not yet found or been given the Iolite Shard, he will give it to her.
The Leader is angry at Renba for leading Anulya on and then abandoning her. He makes no secret of his resentment of Iox and Ioxians for their treatment of his moon.

Additional Info
If, after visiting the Hideout Moon, Aliya brings this man the Small Clay Figurine, he will open it, revealing an inscription and a Rebeske Foil. He may also engage in a brief discussion about Kibenya.

After rescuing Aamir from the Domed Market Moon, Aliya may bring him to Maersi and convince the Leader to let him stay. This is a necessary step for completing the achievement The Wisdom of Swine. It may also lead to a discussion of the absence of children on Maersi.


Aliya Elasra • Six

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