People: Yazi

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People: Yazi.png People: Yazi
Meet an injured labourer
Convince the Trader to let you hire Yazi.

First, you will need to learn that Janniqi Renba hired workers from Elboreth. You can either get the information from Myari, or you can learn for yourself when you do the Breaking In trophy. Yazi can be located in the upper citadel of Elboreth. You will need to speak to the trader on the way to Oroi's house. You will need to advise the trader that you know Renba bought workers and returned one after he broke his arm. You can ask the trader to speak to him. It appears that it doesn't matter whether you haggle with the trader, or actually buy Yazi from her. She will call Yazi over and the trophy will pop when you talk to him.[1]