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Rebeske Foil

Rebeske Foil
Found On: Maersi
Helps Find: Site H

This item does not appear aboard the Nightingale.

Ancient Script found on this item:
This item has no inscription.

Additional Info
The Rebeske foil is often referred to as a "square of foil" or an "inscribed square of foil" even if you've already learned about Rebeske Foils before you find it. Obtained by taking the Small Clay Figurine to Maersi. Can be shown to Huang, but he gives no inscriptions. Can be traded to Tapi, but not if you have already spoken to Oroi about it or attempted to use it. Can be shown to Oroi to learn about Rebeske foils if you have not already done so.
Can be used in Emperor's Graveyard to play a recording.