Small Clay Figurine

Small Clay Figurine
Found On: Site B

This item appears aboard the Nightingale.

Ancient Script found on this item:

  1. )=,"m,r.f1w"n,r.f1
  2. )=,)r.2"m,r.f1c.""n,r.f1
  3. r.p"'
  4. r.p'k.siwt.a
Additional Info
A statuette of the water Goddess, found in a shrine.
It contains a Rebeske Foil, which will be discovered if Aliya brings the figurine to the Maersian Leader.

Can be shown to Huang but he will only give translation feedback, and refuse to take it.

In-game translations:

The waters divide us and join us.


The waters that divide us will join us.


Goddess blesses plants.