Sold a Friend

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Sold a Friend.png Sold a Friend
It's only business...
Sell Six to Amadu.

The following guide was written by Desmuria.

If you have spoken to Huang during your playthrough, he will have informed you that he met Amadu and said he spoke of an observatory. When you go to Renaki, enter the courtyard with the fountain, turn right and you'll see some stairs leading up to Amadu's servo shop.

It is important that you are kind towards Six during your entire playthrough, because you count on him to "play along" with your plans in order to obtain the information you need from Amadu. If Aliya has been hostile towards him or is angry at him for decisions he's made (especially during A Reunion) he may not feel obliged to assist you.

During your conversation with Amadu, you'll have the option to ask whether he buys servos as well as sells them. You'll then pique his interest and you can begin to haggle for information, advising him that you need more before eventually cutting a deal. He will ask you to hand over Primary User access of Six and, once he has control of Six, he'll demand he ejects Aliya out of the shop.

Once Amadu has given Six this order, DO NOT object or do anything. Let it happen. If Six has been treated well up until this point, he will play along and push Aliya down the stairs and the trophy will pop once you recover from the fall. In order to get Six back, just climb the stairs again and Amadu will be annoyed that Aliya is not the Primary User after all. After Six is back under your command, you can then speak more to Amadu about the observatory he mentioned to Huang.[1]

Glyphs translate as Sell a robot.