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Wall Mural

(Redirected from Swirling Scratches)

Wall Mural
Found On: Site B
Helps Find: Site E

This item cannot be taken.

Ancient Script found on this item:

  1. u.l)hi
  2. )hi'u.l
  3. "e,r.1u.l
  4. ?cr.1"xlr.1)hi:)pi)=:)si"e,r.1?uy.)"g"g,'.e;g:;x'f)"g
Additional Info
Also called "Painted Map" or "Swirling Scratches." Found on a wall in the house on this moon. It is a river map showing the way to a site in Ghosts Wake.

In-game translations:

Home stars.


Stars of home.


Take me home.


When I die I hope the rivers take me where the ghosts talk in quiet voices.