The Gates of Iox

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The Gates of Iox.png The Gates of Iox
Seal the University
Create unrest and panic on Iox.

The following guide was written by Desmuria.

First, you will need to learn that Janniqi Renba hired workers from Elboreth. You can either get the information from Myari, or you can learn for yourself when you do the Breaking In trophy. Yazi can be located in the upper citadel of Elboreth. You will need to speak to the trader on the way to Oroi's house. You will need to advise the trader that you know Renba bought workers and returned one after he broke his arm. You can ask the trader to speak to him. It doesn't appear as though it matters whether you haggle with the trader, or actually buy Yazi from her.

When you speak to Yazi, you will obtain the People: Yazi trophy. He will explain that Renba was digging for something. He will offer to show you where the dig site is if you take him there. You'll hopper back to The Nightingale and travel to Renba's Dig Site. When you arrive and are in the area with the big tent, move around it using the left path until you see a hill with a path.

DO NOT go inside the tent, instead climb up the hill and Yazi will be reunited with his friend Sya. The trophy People: Sya will pop here. They were not treated very well by Renba and believe you're in association with him, so they rush off to steal your ship and strand you. Tell Six to hopper back onto the ship. When on The Nightingale, you'll be given the option to allow Six to hopper down and save them.

Once Yazi and Sya are on your ship, take them to Iox. When you arrive, Six will tell you that he snuck them in to not draw attention. Leave Iox, return to Elboreth, then return to Iox. Speak to Huang in his library and he'll inform you that two people threatened him. When he asks, make sure you tell him that this could be the start of the next Fall.

After you exit Huang's library, hang around on Iox and use the screen prompt buttons to converse with Six. Eventually, you'll prompt a conversation about whether you've triggered the next Fall. You must tell Six to inform Myari of your mistake. Fly back to Elboreth, then get back on your ship again and you should have a message from Myari advising that she's shut down Iox. The trophy will pop when you've received this message.[1]

Glyphs translate as Close the gates.