The Nightingale


Found on: Elboreth
Age: ~1500 y.o.
Ancient name: Songbird


"My ship is my refuge. It's the only place that's truly mine." (Aliya Elasra)


The Nightingale is Aliya's ship that she found on Elboreth and repaired with the help of Oroi. She managed to keep it secret from Myari until she crash landed it on Iox.


Anytime that Aliya returns to The Nightingale, she has the opportunity to sail through the Nebula on the rivers with Six She can also rest in her hammock while Six sails to their destination.

Sailing Ruins[edit]

Ruins are where Aliya finds many of her Artifacts to help learn Ancient. Ruins are occasionally found while sailing and help Aliya find more Artifacts. Six will hopper down and quickly return, often with an item in hand. Very rarely, the items on the ruin are destroyed by age or the elements and are unusable; occasionally, the item brought back doesn't have any runes on it.


You can steel left and right using A and D, and propel yourself rapidly forward by "sweeping the sails" of the ship using W or right-clicking. However, do not hold down W as the wings will remain tucked against the sides of the ship until you let go of the key, leaving you to float much slower than you would with the wings extended.


There are three types of rivers that you'll encounter: those with a regular, moderately paced flow, the very slow flow rivers that require you to propel yourself around, and the very fast flow rivers that are like the highways of the Nebula.


Ancient script for Songbird:

Artefacts shown on board Guests on board
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Possible sailing locations


Nebula • Iox • Elboreth • Maersi • Renaki

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