The Wisdom of Swine

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The Wisdom of Swine.png The Wisdom of Swine
The pigs have something to say after all...
When you are able to discover and travel to the Domed Market Moon, you will need to explore the temple until you come across an indoor theatre. Inside, there is a stage/platform with a wooden statue of a Goddess. As you go to exit the room, the statue is knocked down. When you attempt to climb onto the stage, a little boy will run past you and out of the room.

Follow him and he'll return to you. He will tell you his name is Aamir and he believes that you're a ghost. After you have a conversation (and a duel) with him, you can convince him to depart with you on The Nightingale. Once on your ship, tell him that you'll take him to Maersi. After you drop him off, you need to convince the village leader to let him stay. If you returned the Kibenya statue earlier (see A Voice from Stone), use this as a bribe.

You will then need to leave Maersi and come back again later to visit Aamir. You'll learn that he hasn't settled in very well. You'll meet Aamir in the pig pen and the trophy will pop after your conversation.

At this point, if you haven't already earned the Heaven's Vault? trophy, you will earn it after your conversation with Aamir. If you're also missing The Old Sea, you can now travel back to Iox and speak to Myari. Ask her about Heaven's Vault and she will tell you the tale.[1]

Glyphs translate as Pigs.