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Water Goddess

This is a spoiler free page. Any spoilers (such as translations) should be posted on the spoilers page.

Also Known As: Kibenya


"Kibenya’s guarding their most precious resource. Keeping it all fertile." (Aliya Elasra)


Kibenya is the Goddess of water, the harvest, the fields, and the frogs and flowers. According to Huang, she is also the Goddess of "fertility, wealth, and good news." She is particularly important to the inhabitants of Maersi.

Statue Locations[edit]


Descriptions of Effigies[edit]

buxom, guardian, full-bellied, benevolent, large, generous, welcoming


Ancient script for Water Goddess:


The Ancient Pantheon

Water Goddess • Serpent God • Death Goddess • Sun Goddess • Earth God • Sky God