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Also Known As: Kibenya


"Kibenya’s guarding their most precious resource. Keeping it all fertile." (Aliya Elasra)


Kibenya is the Goddess of water, the harvest, the fields, and the frogs and flowers. According to Huang, she is also the Goddess of "fertility, wealth, and good news." She is particularly important to the inhabitants of Maersi.
Departing hermits were given small effigies of Kibenya, made from Maersian mud, to remind them of home. Such an effigy can be found in the Shrine on the Hideout Moon. The Last Emperor used it to hide the Rebeske Foil with the recording of Kaiya. After showing Aliya how to open the figurine, the Maersian Leader suggests that Kibenya is also a Goddess of travel, saying, "Does our Goddess ask us to sail? No one knows, now, how to sail. Iox denies it to us."
Janniqi Renba hides the Purple Crystal Shard at the base of the Maersian Goddess Statue, intending Myari to find it.
The Kibenya statue on the Ancient Aquifer conceals the hopper mechanism that distributes water throughout the Nebula. Aliya suggests that the giant statue on Maersi once served the same function. That may explain why the Holy Ioxian Empire left it standing when they destroyed all of the God/Goddess statues on other inhabited moons.
Her statue on the Heaven's Vault moon guards a well that is now filled with sand. At one point, Aliya notes that Elborethians swear "by the Goddess" and wonders whether that Goddess is Kibenya.
Her name is one of the words that functions as a password for the long-distance hopper at the Catkis Gate. It will also open the door into the Heaven's Vault.

Statue Locations[edit]

Maersi, Withering Palace, Ancient Aquifer, Heaven's Vault

Descriptions of Effigies[edit]

buxom, guardian, full-bellied, benevolent, large, generous, welcoming


  • Water Goddess
  • Holy Water Goddess
  • Holy Goddess of water
  • Holy Goddess of the fields
  • Bless the water.
  • The gardens will prosper.
  • May the plants grow strong as trees.
  • Goddess, make the harvest strong.
  • The waters divide us and join us.
  • The waters that divide us will join us.
  • Kneel in front of the guardian Goddess.
  • The Goddess of the field who takes water from the sky [Maersi]
  • The Goddess gives water for the Nebula. [dais of Ancient Aquifer statue]


Ancient script for Water Goddess:


The Ancient Pantheon

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