Gender: Unknown
Current Home: Maersi
Born On: Maersi

"My tall Ioxian …"

Anulya is a resident of the village on Maersi. She engaged in a romantic relationship with Janniqi Renba until his sudden departure and is still waiting for him to return. Aliya may encounter her in the village or, on approaching the warehouse above the rice fields, hear her weeping and be able to enter and have a conversation with her.
Anulya presumes that this woman from Iox is Myari, whom Renba told her might come looking for him. If not completely disabused, she will convey some information about Renba's activities there. She is skittish about anyone seeing her talking to an Ioxian because she is keeping the relationship a secret, although the Maersian Leader and at least some of the other villagers are aware of it.

Additional Info
The Maersian Leader is angry at Renba for leading the woman on and for leaving without saying his proper farewells. He says that Anulya would have been considered fortunate if she could marry an Ioxian. He may also reassure Aliya that Anulya is not pregnant.


Aliya Elasra • Six

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