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The Modern Age[edit]

Between 0-180 years ago. The Modern Age began with the founding of the Protectorate, a collaboration of moons under Iox's guardianship.

The Dark Age[edit]

Between 180-350 years ago. Very little is known of the years between the Fall of Iox, and the founding of the Iox Protectorate.

The Holy Empire[edit]

Between 350-580 years ago. The Holy Ioxian empire, based out of the Imperial Palace and ruled by a deified Emperor.

The Steel Empire[edit]

Between 580-950 years ago. An Empire ruled by robots that grew out of an older system of governance.

The Age of Sail[edit]

Between 950-1,670 years ago. Before the Empire, a mercantile civilization spanned the Nebula, traveling and transporting goods in enormous ships.

The Settlement Age[edit]

Between 1,670-2,500 years ago. Settlers spread across the Nebula, establishing a network of moons. Fragments of writing survive from this time.

The First Days[edit]

Between 2,500-3,500 years ago. The only relics from the Ancient time are fragments of writing. On Iox, they believe the distant past will soon become the future.