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This is a spoiler free page. Any spoilers (such as translations) should be posted on the spoilers page.

The Nebula is the expanse of moons, rocks, gaseous clouds, and Rivers that make up the inhabited region of the Universe in which the story takes place. Habitable moons in the Nebula are connected by Rivers of flowing water as well as breathable air, meandering on fixed courses throughout otherwise empty space.

Inhabited Moons[edit]

Uninhabited Locations[edit]

Please see the spoilers page for information on the explorable sites.

Map of the Nebula[edit]

IoxMaersiElborethRenakiThe Renaki ReachThe EdgeThe CyclonesThe Silk PassThe Verdant PassThe WiresEagle's PassGhosts WakeIoxian SpaceThe Lower ReachHV Rivers-Quartersize Map-Spoiler Free.png