Emperor's Dagger

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Emperor's Dagger
Found On: Site B

Unknown if this item appears aboard the Nightingale.

Ancient Script found on this item:

  1. r.)pr"u.lr.f1of
  2. 'ur.)pr.)fr)z,
  3. "r.z
  4. (.of(.alj)xl:"=
Additional Info
Found above doorway in workshop of house on Site B. It is beautifully crafted and has an Eagle and Sun on the hilt.
It presumably belonged to the Last Emperor, who brought it into exile with him.
Can be used to pry open the Coffer Lid, but the dagger will break. Showing this to Huang gives translation feedback, but does not appear to unlock any new inscriptions. Can be traded to Tapi for Wax Tablet.

This item does not lead to any further locations. In-game translations:

The Emperor prorects us all.


The Empire's fire


honesty is poison