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Welcome to the Heaven's Vault wiki!

A wiki dedicated to the game Heaven's Vault by inkle, by the players, for the players! Join us and share our passion for Heaven's Vault!

This wiki is intended to be as spoiler-free as possible. There are certain pages where spoilers are okay, such as the Language/spoilers page. Pages where spoilers aren't allowed are marked by template:Spoiler Free and have the Spoiler Free category.

Getting Started

Want to help out on the wiki but aren't sure where to get started? Have questions? Ideas you aren't sure how to implement?

To start, make an account! This ensures all of your work is credited to you, and it also hides your IP address. Posting without an account will attribute your work to your IP address.

We use various templates to structure our wiki pages. This helps to keep everything uniform and also to more easily find what you're looking for!

Worried about making a mistake? Go for it! Everything is fixable, there is literally nothing you can do that can't be fixed (although please don't test that... :'D ). If you aren't sure how to fix, contact an admin!

Making New Pages

There will be a lot of new pages that are needed as people discover new items and locations. The easiest way to start a new page is to make a [[link]] to it, or to search for it and click on the link provided.

Important templates

Inkle Copyright
  • Template:inkle Copyright: this should be included on any file uploads that are game assets, such as game files, screenshots, or other items copyrighted by inkle. It will automatically add a copyright tag to them on the file.

Ancient Font
  • template:AL: functionally one of the most important templates, as it will enable spoiler-free posting of any and all glyphs/words. Please see the template for usage.

  • template:ALB: same as the above template, but defaults to a black font instead. Please see the template for usage.
  • template:Spoiler Free: marks pages that will be 100% kept spoiler free, such as the languages page, and directs users/editors to a subpage where they can post spoilers freely. Automatically adds the Spoiler Free category to the page.
  • template:Spoiler Zone: the counterpart to the Spoiler Free template. Post on the created /spoiler page. Currently requires an input of the page you are directing people to. See the template for details.

  • template:Spoiler: lets you enclose text that can only be revealed by pressing a button. Good for small spoilers!

  • Template:dig site: lets you put dig sites on a page without potentially spoiling later locations when someone edits a page! Please see the template for usage.
Incomplete Pages
  • template:stub: marks pages that are missing information. If you come across a page that you feel could use more love and either don't have the time or information to do so yourself, please add {{stub}} to the top of the page. Automatically adds the Stubs category to the page.

New items, locations, and people
  • template:HV Infobox Item: structures all of the artifact pages. If you have a new artifact, create a page and paste the code from the template onto the page and fill it out! Automatically adds the Artifacts category to the page.

  • template:HV Infobox Loc: structures all of the location pages. If there's a missing location, create a page and paste the code from the template onto the page and fill it out! Automatically adds the Locations category to the page.
  • template:HV Infobox NPC: structures all of the character pages. If you have a new artifact, create a page and paste the code from the template onto the page and fill it out! Automatically adds the Characters category to the page.

Updating Existing Pages

Alt + Shift + E allows you to quickly edit a page, or you can click the edit button at the top. Some pages (especially those with page templates) have the edit section disabled, as it can cause issues with edits by directing you to edit on the template page instead.

Once you're there, modify what you like! Alt + Shift + P will let you preview your changes, so you can make sure they look as intended before you save them. Alt + Shift + S will save it for you instead of needing to scroll to hit the button!

Filling out the summary is nice, but not necessary, so don't feel that you need to do so :)

Finding Pages that Need Work

There will always be pages that need some more love, but sometimes there are ones that need it more than others. These can be found in the stubs category, which denotes pages that are missing either lots of information or crucial information.

Still need help?

If you still need more help or your questions weren't answered, feel free to leave a message on Ferthi's talk page!