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Inconstant Reader[edit]

Hi, Ferthi. Just wanted to let you know I've just finished my first playthrough, am obsessed with this game, and would love to contribute to the wiki.

Was thinking of writing an "advice to a new player" sort of page — nothing huge, mostly tips for playing more smoothly and advice on avoiding doing things like locking yourself out of Iox unintentionally, insulting people you don't want to insult, or entering the endgame before you mean to. Also a Steam Achievements guide.

Oh, two quick questions: 1) Is there an easy way to reproduce the glyphs? 2) Is there any kind of spoiler tag formatting available?

I know I replied in the Discord, but in case someone else wants the answers too! Why not have a How to play Heaven's Vault page in regards to the "advice to a new player" thing, as it is going to instruct people on how to play. Such a different game but so good! The Steam achievements guide is coming soon (Achievements). I'm waiting on a reply from the dev's in regards to the images :)
There is unfortunately no easy way to reproduce the glyphs except through repetition, or potentially spoiling other words for yourself by using the player-made dictionaries found on the Useful Links page. Def have spoiler tag formatting (I just haven't added this one to the Community Corner yet I think). So you'd just put this on a page: {{spoiler|Your text here!}} and it'll appear in a seperate paragraph, like so:
Your text here!