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Hey there![edit]

2 quick things :) Thank you for the lovely new font! One of the players over on the dev Discord made the original. I have to ask first before we can consider it however: does this font use the exact same layout as the one we currently have (current layout can be found here)? I'm not sure how to test .woff & .woff2 fonts unfortunately :( If it's not the same layout, we wouldn't be able to use it as we'd have to adjust every single translation currently on the wiki, which would take a very long time haha. If it is, we can go ahead with it though! Also, there is a chance we may need additional file formats to make it work; we'll test to make sure and get back to you.

The Language/spoilers page! I have readded the original words table and shuffled the extract to the bottom for a few reasons. The first is that the devs, when I approached them about setting up this wiki, requested that we do not just rip everything from the files, and we agreed. It has been a few years since launch now, and after speaking with the wiki admins I've decided that it should be ok to leave in. The other reason is I know that the players themselves also requested that, in addition to having put a lot of work into the different translations & logic listed in the original words table :) So I don't want those tidbits to be lost, especially since as you indicated in your own note some of the words have technically different translations in the files compared to what you find in game.

So just let me know about the layout when you can! Feel free to join us on the Gamer Escape Discord, where it's much easier to contact me :D

Ferthi (talk) 14:53, 15 May 2021 (UTC)

Working on a new merged table structure[edit]

Here's what I've got so far. I'm using italics to denote "extracted only," but maybe that's too subtle?

Word Meaning Subword(s) Logic
y.= acid y (mineral) = (Water)
;'sc.xd across foo'' (quality) '.s (toward) c.xd (end) toward [the] end
" act / do / does / acts " (verb)
"y.s activate? / operate? / activates? / operates? " (verb) y.s (work)

Unmerged words (potential mistakes/duplicates)[edit]

Word Meaning Subword(s) Logic
("hs door
)u place
)y.h power
)=,:)si river(s) )si(wind) water [that moves with the] wind
)xx so
))i:;)xh sunset
i up